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好きなものに囲まれた自分だけの楽園。そこで過ごす 時間はゆっくりで、ずっとこのままいたいと思わせてくれることでしょう。


自然に、そして強く平 和を求めるようになるはずです。 このお庭は、しっかりとした構造に父性、しなやかな植物の姿に母性を表現し

そこで過ごす私達は両親からの愛情を受けた子供の笑顔を イメージしてデザインしました。


このお庭で過ごしたお父さんが優しく我が子に微笑みかけた時、その子供はきっとこう思うことでしょう。 「大人になるのも悪くないな」と。

 My  favorite things ~garden,music&my family~

 This garden is a special place for a family, especially for father. We come across so many negative events in our daily lives, which we wouldn’t liketo see, to listen and to do. We get hurt unexpectedly by such experiences and the children may feel fear of growing up when they look at us, which means children may lose theirhope for the future. The time passes slowly when we spent our time in the paradise where we are surrounded by our favorite things. We shouldn’t sacrifice our own happiness if we wish world peace. We hope world peace strongly so that we can protect precious things for us, if we have something valuable on our own. This garden is designed so that it can express the image of the smiles ofthe children, who have been loved by their parents; A solid structure represents father’s character and softness of the plants express mothers’ love. (We also are children of our parents at any age.) Children may think “Growing up is not too bad” when their father smiles at him tenderly, as he has been growing up in his favorite garden.